85hr Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

London, In-Person Training

This 6 day course will run on:  1st – 3rd March & 7th – 9th March 2024  |   9am – 5pm (4pm finish on Sunday 3rd)

What makes us a unique Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training school?


  • We were established in 2013. Our teacher training certification is recognised worldwide and you will be able to register with both Yoga Alliance (US) and Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) as a Registered Pregnancy Yoga Teacher (if you hold a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certificate).
  • At 85 hours, our teacher training is much more extensive than many others you may find, and covers not only Pregnancy Yoga, but a wide variety of yoga and tailored movement practices to help with birth preparation & delivery, Postnatal Yoga (the 4th Trimester) and Parent & Baby yoga. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive training school for all who have an interest in this field, and everyone is welcome.
  • This course is a very cost-effective way to get a complete training on the application & teaching of yoga & healing/rectifying movement for all 4 trimesters, ensuring that all our graduates are ready to go and support mother and all parents on all stages of their journey into this new chapter.
  • All coursework submitted by our students is individually read and marked, and will obtain personalised feedback that is emailed out with a certificate & logo to use for marketing/social media.
  • We also offer a Yoga Teacher Directory on our website, sallyparkesyoga.com, as part of this package, where all graduates are able to get their contact details listed, for when potential clients are looking for a trusted & certified yoga teacher their local area.
  • Graduates of our Pregnancy Yoga Teacher trainings have the opportunity to join our referral reward scheme, and earn cash rewards for referring new students to our trainings (t’s & c’s apply).
  • We support you! And our support will continue as graduates of the Sally Parkes Yoga School. You will always be able to email us with any questions and we have dedicated, private groups on Facebook where our hundreds of our graduates from throughout the years, keep in touch and offer support and advice to each other.

Other Dates & Venues 2024

In-Person 85 hrs Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Sally Parkes BSc, EYT, SYT, RPYT

Venue: The Double Tree Hilton Hotel, 60 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9LA, United Kingdom

This Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga Teacher training course is fully certified & accredited Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) and Yoga Alliance (USA) and is taught by Sally Parkes BSc, EYT, SYT, RPYT.

This training features expert guest teachers & speakers, to enhance the content on this in-depth, in-person course, as well as bonus material and an extensive manual.

With full accreditation from the above bodies, our world renowned certified Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training course offers 85 hours of learning about all aspects of becoming a mother – from pregnancy, to the postnatal period and Parent & Baby Yoga.

Successful participants join us as students but leave as teachers with the knowledge, confidence & expertise to successfully run classes & private sessions which deliver safe, uplifting and effective yoga & functional movement practices, with clients at varying stages of this miraculous journey & beyond.

Sally is passionate about anatomy (see her published book The Student’s Manual of Yoga Anatomy in the reading list) and the course offers a strong focus on anatomy & physiology with emphasis on learning about female energy (Shakti), which plays such a vital role in conception, pregnancy and birth. Students will develop a thorough knowledge of Yoga asana & Pilates inspired functional movement, Mudra(seals), Pranayama breathing techniques), Yoga Nidra & guided relaxation, Meditation, science-backed lectures, Hypnobirthing, effective use of props, how to support a pregnant mother to be and a new mother in the postpartum period.

The course also offers a broader offering and specifically focused gentle postnatal Pilates inspired movement to support, stretch & strengthen; gentle exercise for pelvic floor health and physical alignment; basic yoga sequences for mother & baby; and recovery and rehabilitation in the postnatal phase.

The contact hours allow the opportunity for discussion & sharing, as well as yoga practice. A carefully designed, well-balanced program, that includes special guest teachers & lecturers for the Hypnobirthing & Relaxation module, Parent & Baby Yoga and a local Midwife for the step by step overview & progression of pregnancy, so that you can understand & appreciate the physical, scientific side of this journey, when teaching your clients.

All students receive a hard copy of the training manual, handouts & presentations. 

Furthermore, you will also receive ongoing support via our dedicated, closed Facebook group and invites to further training with Sally Parkes Yoga, before they are announced to the general public.

Course Price:


1st – 3rd & 7th – 9th March 2024

The Double Tree Hilton Hotel, 60 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9LA

The venue is a 10 minute walk from Kings Cross Station, Euston Rd and a 5 minute walk from Angel Tube station.

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Questions? Contact Sally via WhatsApp +44 7983 508018

Topics covered:

  • Movement: Pregnancy safe yoga and functional movement to stretch & strengthen the prenatal & postnatal body and help alleviate common ailments of all the trimesters.
  • Pranayama & Relaxation: Pregnancy appropriate relaxation, pranayama (breath practices), visualisations, meditation & Hypnobirthing for the expectant mother. Understand how simple breath work and deep, guided relaxation can help rejuvenate & support an expectant and young mother mentally, physically & emotionally.
  • Posture: Learn how pregnancy might negatively affect postural alignment and how with the correct programming of yoga & tailored, functional movement, this could be counteracted or avoided.
  • Sequencing & Class Preparation: sequencing a yoga session for an expecting mother or postpartum mother across all trimesters, in an inclusive, non-judgemental, compassionate & empowering way. So whatever the client's birthing history, you can play a part in their recovery journey into motherhood and provide life-long tools to help them relax and unwind at any time.
  • Props: Learn how to effectively use yoga props to help the expectant mother feel more supported.

Birth and Birth Preparation Module

  • Learn about yoga asana for optimal foetal positioning and how the position of baby may affect labour & the birthing process for the expectant mother.
  • Working with an exercise ball and chair for the later stages of pregnancy to preparation for & aid the birthing process.
  • The importance of the Nervous System: the role the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems not only during birth, but as a whole.
  • Birth and labour – discussion of different types of birth: physiological birth vs a medical intervention birth.
  • Supportive Meditation, visualisation and positive affirmations for the birthing mother that can be used regardless of birth plan, no matter how birth unfolds.
  • Learn about stages of pregnancy from conception to foetal development, the physical, mental, hormonal & emotional changes for the expecting mother, labour & the birthing process and the postnatal period for the new mother.

Postnatal Yoga and Parent & Baby Yoga Module

  • Accessible Yoga & Pilates related, functional movement for the postnatal period (4th trimester) to stretch, strengthen & comfort the physical body to help alleviate common ailments of the postnatal phase. This includes any postural malalignment and changes such as upper and lower crossed syndrome, kyphosis, general body heaviness, fatigue/low energy, weakened gluten, tight hip flexors, weak pelvic floor. These will be practiced as a group.
  • Gentle, Postnatal Recovery Yoga & Relaxation session for the mother who has experienced a medicalised birth, birth trauma or other side-effects of pregnancy and/or the birthing process.
  • Parent & Baby Yoga – A complete class for both baby & parent (or carer) and discussion on how to plan & facilitate an inclusive class safely, effectively & informatively, in a supportive and uplifting environment.

After completing this course, you will have the skills to:

  • Be able to teach a Pregnancy Yoga class/private session, a Postnatal Yoga class/private session and a Parent & Baby Yoga class/private session.
  • Teach a well-rounded functional movement class that honours a woman’s mind, emotions and physical & subtle body at this special & sacred time.
  • Integrate props effectively into classes to allow accessibility for all participants.
  • Adapt classes for those with specific injuries (pregnancy/birthing or otherwise) & common ailments, such as lower back pain, pelvic girdle pain, low/high blood pressure, fatigue, tight shoulders, stiff neck and any other physical changes.
  • Have a clear understanding of why it is important to incorporate all elements of yoga into a class; the subtle body, the spiritual aspects, philosophy, energetics and the physical practice.
  • Have a clear picture of what actually happens to the body during pregnancy and birth: hormonal, emotional, physical & mental changes.
  • Take a compassionate, non-judgemental approach to individual clients, create rapport & offer genuine support to people on their journeys.


As part of this 85hr course and in order to gain your certificate to register as a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, you will be asked to undertake some private study and reading in your own time. There are some assignments to complete, including class observations, a study of the trimesters, a teaching practice and case studies. You will also be expected to read the course training manual fully.

Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) and certification:

This training is 85 hours (including private study time) to meet the criteria of Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) and Yoga Alliance (US).

The course is open to ALL. We welcome students from all backgrounds; whether you are a midwife, doula, yoga teacher or work in sports training, all you need is a keen interest in antenatal education and a passion for sharing your knowledge, along with a foundational understanding of yoga.

Following your successful completion of this training, and if you already have a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification, you will be permitted to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) or Yoga Alliance USA as a Registered Pregnancy Yoga Teacher. If you do not hold a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification, you may register your 85 hours of training with Yoga Alliance Professionals or gain independent insurance. 

Please note: It is essential for students to attend, complete & engage with all scheduled hours and complete the homework before certification will be issued.

Reading List:

To purchase prior to the training:

  • Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful by Gurmukh
  • The Female Pelvis by Blandine Calais-Germain – Sally is also using this book more and more on the course, so you may like to purchase this at some point. 
  • The Student's Manual of Yoga Anatomy by Sally Parkes. Order your copy HERE
  • The Course Training Manual (PDF copy included in your training fee, you have the option to purchase a hard copy).

For this Training you will need:

  • A yoga mat
  • 2 x yoga bricks
  • 1 x yoga belt
  • A Soft Teddy / Baby Doll (for Parent & Baby module only)
  • Notebook, pen, highlighter
  • Your training manual - A hard copy of the manual will be given to you on day one of the training.

About your teacher – Sally Parkes BSc, SYT, EYT, RPYT

Sally Parkes (BSc) has over twenty years teaching experience in the Wellness Industry and an Honours Degree in Exercise Physiology. Sally trained as an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher in 2004 with Paul Dallaghan, before continuing her studies in Mysore, India.
Upon becoming a mother however, she heard her calling to teach Pregnancy Yoga and now specialises in delivering prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher trainings around the world.

Sally’s training is unique in that she shares her extensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology, whilst weaving together all elements of the yoga tradition in order to empower the mother to be to bring her baby safely and lovingly into the world.

Now a mother of two daughters, Sally also pens many articles for major publications and is the author of the bestselling book The Manual of Yoga Anatomy. Certified as an Experienced and Senior Yoga Teacher, Sally is known for her humour, warmth and inclusive presentations and delivered training in the UK, Asia and the Middle East.

Cancellation Policy
The deposit for the training constitutes the first £200 of the 85 hour Pregnancy Yoga Teacher training course fee and is non-refundable.

It is not possible to have your place refunded or transferred to a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher training course at a later date once this deposit has been paid.

We STRONGLY recommend that you take out insurance to cover your training costs in the event that you have to cancel or curtail your training for whatever reason, including adverse weather and sickness. Sally Parkes Yoga cannot take responsibility for any missed days of training. If you wish to make up any missed parts of the training, you would be liable for any future course fees if you wish to join at a later date.

By registering and paying the deposit for this course, you are agreeing to this policy. Thank you.

Pregnancy Yoga Tutorials

Course Price:


1st – 3rd & 7th – 9th March 2024

9am – 5pm 
(4pm finish on Sunday 3rd)

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If you wish to pay by BACS please email info@sallyparkesyoga.com for our bank details.

Questions? Contact Sally via WhatsApp +44 7983 508018

Venue location:

The Double Tree Hilton Hotel,
60 Pentonville Road,
N1 9LA
United Kingdom

The venue is a 10 minute walk from Kings Cross Station, Euston Rd and a 5 minute walk from Angel Tube station.

Would you like to host Sally at your yoga studio for any of our trainings or a bespoke workshop?

Please get in touch on info@sallyparkesyoga.com to discuss your requirements.

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