Yoga Gives Back

YGB’s Annual Campaign, “GLOBAL GATHERING FOR INDIA,” will be happening during the entire month of June. 


“In 2006, as I began to learn yoga asana and philosophy, it hit me very hard that I needed to use all my capacity to help others, especially the underserved women and children in India, motherland of YOGA. I was benefitting so much from the daily practice of Yoga, I had to give back. I shared this idea with my yoga teacher and the studio manager who all supported the idea. That’s how Yoga Gives Back was born with our mantra — For the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life.” – Kayoko Mitsumatsu

Yoga Gives Back mobilizes practitioners worldwide to channel their gratitude into empowering India’s women and children to create sustainable lives.

Sally Parkes is honoured to be a part of the Yoga Gives Back global ambassador team. 

“Over the years, I have been aware of YGB and the work they do, and have always admired them as an organisation that consistently does what it sets out to do. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with YGB so I can also help give back to the motherland that generously gave us the gift of yoga.”

Yoga Gives Back is a wonderful charitable foundation that helps women and children from minority groups gain tools for life such as schooling and education and information on menstruation.

You can take a look at the wonderful work that YGB does, and find out how to get involved HERE

Yoga with Sally to raise funds for Yoga Gives Back

To celebrate International Yoga Day, and as part of Yoga Gives Back Global Gathering, Sally taught a 60 minute yoga class live on her Instagram account @sallyparkesyogaschool  to help raise money to aid and assist women and girls in India.

You can view the class back via Sally’s Instagram account, but it would be wonderful if you were able to make a donation following this practice.

Suggested donation for practicing this class is £5.

You can donate through this special link. This will take to to the Doterra Healing Hands match Fund account that YGB ambassador Harmony Slater has set up.

For every £ or $ that is donated, DoTerra will match the amount given, meaning more funds will get to those in need.



Yoga Gives back Logo
Yoga Gives back Sally Parkes

Watch the replay of the “Women-in-Yoga Empowerment Conference”.

 If you didn’t catch the YOGA & MENSTRUAL EQUITY session live, you can watch the reply of this epic, educational and empowering event for a small donation, via the link below:

Watch the replay HERE

With a small donation of just $10, you can also get access to YGB’s Gratitude Circle Online Classes, offering 150+ top quality yoga and mindfulness by all their global Ambassadors and Supporters.

This 2 hour session is led by Dr. Arundati Muralidharan, a global leader in Menstrual Equity and Health (Delhi, India) and Mina Das NGO partner NISHTHA (West Bengal, India) who share the reality of menstrual inequity among girls and women in rural India and beyond.

YGB’s Global Ambassadors Harmony Slater (Canada), Nea Ferrier (UAE), Pranidhi Varshney (USA) and Sally Parkes (UK) participate in an honest, thought-provoking dialogue and related practice sessions that will inspire you to understand and experience yoga and the menstrual cycle in terms of honoring the body and mind, and as a powerful way to #EmbraceEquity.

Yoga Gives Back(YGB) launched Pad Project in West Bengal in 2022, in partnership with The Pad Project and The Trotula Fund to help women and girls access safe and hygenic menstrual care in West Bengal.

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