The Sally Parkes Yoga Team

All our teachers are fully qualified, experienced and insured, and have been selected by Sally Parkes Yoga not only because of their knowledge and expertise, but also for their friendly and warm personalities.

Naomi Murphy – Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Course Founder & Leader

Naomi Rudge 200 hour RYT, iRest Yoga Nidra Certified Teacher, Fertility Yoga Teacher Trainer at Real Fertile

Naomi Murphy RPYT EYT trained as a yoga teacher with Sally Parkes in 2013, and is the founder of @realfertile fertility yoga teacher training program. She is also the women’s health researcher and social media director for The Sally Parkes Yoga Academy.

Naomi first stepped into a yoga class in 2004, looking for a way to reconnect with herself during some challenging times. Discovering that yoga could be much more than just a physical practice, her thirst for delving deeper into this profound system grew, leading her to undertake her 200hr yoga teacher training with Sally Parkes in 2013. Naomi then began teaching limited mobility and anxiety management classes alongside her regular yoga flow classes and relaxation offerings, before completing Level 1 IRI iRest Yoga Nidra in 2014. 

Eventually, following her extensive studies in women’s health and upon learning from her own fertility journey, Naomi founded The Real Fertile Yoga School, with the aim of sharing information and offering support to women who are on their own journeys towards womb health and conception.

Naomi is an advocate and expert for understanding, working with and harnessing the power the female cycle whilst utilising yoga to maximise ones wellbeing to attain optimum menstrual and fertility health’ Sally Parkes.

Nina Goldberger – MSc, BA (Hons), E-RYT200, Wellbeing Coach, PYT & APYT, Pregnancy & Postnatal YTT Course Assistant

Nina is an experienced Yoga Teacher registered with both Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance Professionals & Self-Love Wellbeing Coach based in Edinburgh, with 500 hours+ of Yoga, Yin & Restorative, Anatomy, Adjustment, Philosophy, Chanting & Ashram experience.

She has completed Sally’s 85Hr PYTT & 25Hr APYTT and also the 100Hrs Advanced Teacher Training with Sally & Chris in Spain 2019.

She is passionate about helping people find stillness, balance & acceptance in their lives, through learning how to use the breath properly, moving in tune with & reconnecting to their body and looking inwards & cultivating self-love. This journey is ongoing for Nina herself as she learns more about herself and can better support her students through yoga.

She offers regular classes in Vinyasa & Yin Yoga and deeply restful & nourishing Wellbeing & Restorative focused sessions and Mindfulness.

Nina assists on the PYTT and reviews APYTT assignments.

Heather Deaville – 200hrs RYT, RPYT, Assisting Teacher Trainer and Mother & Baby Yoga Tutor

Heather Deaville RPYT SYT trained with Sally Parkes several years ago and is now a senior pre and postnatal yoga teacher and assistant teacher trainer on Sally Parkes’s 85hr Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Trainings. She is is also the lead trainer for Sally Parkes Yoga Academy’s Parent and Baby Yoga Teacher Trainings and Essential Oils for Yoga Teacher Training. 
Heather is passionate about supporting women through every stage of their lives and has recently established her own home yoga studio where she hosts a range of classes from Hatha Flow, to Parent and Baby/Crawler/Toddler Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Yoga Nidra, as well as sell out Retreats and Essential Oil Yoga Workshops. 
Heather is also a busy mother of two and is currently training as a massage therapist and aromatherapist, and is enjoying how much this feels like a natural extension of her work as a yoga teacher. 
See Heather teach here on her YouTube channel: Heather Deaville Yoga 

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