Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Calendar

Calendar 2020 

December 2020 – Online

3rd – 5th December 2020 – Part 1
10th – 12th December 2020 – Part 2
(Full 6 day certified training course-£697)


January 2021 – In Person

22nd – 24th January 2021 – Lewes, UK part 1
29th – 31st January 2022 – Lewes, UK part 2
(Full 6 day certified training-£797)

March 2021 – Online

4th – 6th March 2021 – Part 1
11th – 13th December 2021 – Part 2
(Full 6 day certified training course-from £647) 

May 2021 – Residential

9th – 14th May 2021 –  Arundel, UK
(Full 6 day certified residential training course-from £1297) 

November 2021 – Residential

14th – 19th November 2021 –  Arundel, UK
(Full 6 day certified residential training course-from £1297) 

More 2021 dates soon…

Why are we so different to other Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training schools? 

  • Our certification is well established and recognised worldwide and can be registered with both Yoga Alliance US and Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK).
  • At 85hrs, our training is more extensive than many others and covers not only pregnancy yoga, but yoga to help with birth preparation, postnatal yoga and mum & baby yoga. This is a more cost effective way to get fully trained on the application of yoga for all 4 trimesters, ensuring our graduates are ready to go out and support women on all stages of their journey into motherhood.
  • All coursework submitted by our students is individually read and marked, and personalised feedback is emailed out to each student.
  • All successful graduates are emailed a certificate and certified logo that can be used, without charge, on all of their marketing to show that they are a certified teacher of Sally Parkes Pregnancy Yoga.
  • We also offer a teaching directory on, where all graduates are able to get their details listed, ready for potential clients who are looking for a trusted and certified teacher.
  • We support you! Support doesn’t end with the last day of training as we have ongoing support and chat groups via whatsapp and Facebook, where our hundreds of our graduates from throughout the years, keep in touch and offer support and advice to each other.

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Certification Terms:

  • Yoga Alliance and FEDANT Certification
  • All applicants must have basic knowledge of yoga and a minimum of 2 years’ practice.
  • All graduates will receive a certificate upon completion.

This training is 85Hours (including private study time) to meet with the standards of Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK), Yoga Alliance USA and also the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT).

The course is open to anyone with a keen interest in ante-natal education and a passion for sharing their knowledge after the course with mums-to be, including yoga teachers, doulas and midwives.

Following your successful completion of this training, and if you already have a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification, you will be permitted to register with Yoga Alliance (UK) or Yoga Alliance USA as a Registered Pregnancy Yoga Teacher. If you do not hold a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification, you may register with FEDANT’s register of Ante-Natal Educators (UK students only).