Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

The Blooming Womb

I had been thinking about doing this Pregnancy Yoga course for a year, I don’t know why I delayed one of the best decisions I have ever made. I guess it all about timing and trusting things happen for a reason…

Tracie |

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Thanks again for an amazing yoga course! The course has given me a huge amount of inspiration and confidence to teach these practices in my local community.
I wish I could do the course all over again… it was really wonderful : )

Layna Winckworth, Yoga Teacher

Dear Sally, Thank you so much for an inspiring pregnancy yoga teacher training, I really enjoyed it. The decision to refresh my knowledge with this training was one of the best in my yoga teaching career. Your lovely, down to earth, funny, refreshing, easy going but very knowledgeable teaching made all the difference.

Katarina Aydin

I want to say a huge thank you for a wonderful week. Memories of my experience on your course have regularly made me smile and I feel really inspired and excited to get teaching pregnancy and mother & baby classes soon. I loved your teaching style – relaxed, informative, and fun! Thanks for all the inspiration, I can’t wait to start this next yoga chapter.

Elaine Macey, Yoga Teacher

Hi Sally, thank you so much for the excellent course. I really enjoyed it and thought your teaching style was great. I must admit, having had no previous yoga teaching experience I was a little uncertain, but after the first day I came away buzzing and enthusiastic! Thank you again, you are an inspiration!

Laura Callaby

I want to thank you for an amazing course and time, I am really sad it is over but I am sure more is to come! I can truly say this was one of the best courses I have done and one of the best spaces to share yoga with others. You created a great space and then it was so easy to learn and share. Also thank you for the support and lovely iRest meditation session.

Erika Paez

Yoga Teacher

I wanted to say a big thank you for such an amazing course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and gained so much more than I could have imagined. It was great to meet so many interesting and wonderful women, your guest speakers / assistants were fantastic and of course so were you!

Jennifer Olding

Theatre Nurse

As a personal trainer I wanted to increase my knowledge so I could offer more to clients, so I signed up to Sally Parkes Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course.

I was a little nervous at first due to my lack of yoga experience and knowledge but can now say that it was one of the most interesting and well constructed courses I have been on. The group consisted of a diverse mix of yoga instructors, a midwife and another personal trainer. It was a very chilled out group and Sally created a relaxed learning environment with great practical lessons, all backed up with a wealth of experience, learning materials and a midwife as a guest speaker.

The whole course was a truly enlightening experience. I learnt so much and enjoyed it tremendously, so much so that it has inspired me to start practising yoga with a view to becoming a fully qualified instructor in 2017.

I would recommend this course to any personal trainer and please don’t think that lack of yoga experience will hold you back, it really won’t. Thanks Sally for a brilliant course.


Caz Robinson

Personal Trainer

Having completed Sally Parkes 200 hour teacher training in 2014 there was only going to be one pregnancy yoga course for me!

Sally is an incredibly inspiring woman with a wealth of knowledge and experience and the ability to create a relaxed and positive teaching environment and all round unique experience.

The course is a great mix of practical and theory and the coursework is thought provoking and manageable in terms of its quantity.

If you are after a knowledgeable, relaxed and positive teacher training with a sensible dose of humour I would highly recommend Sally’s teacher training courses.


Susie Betteridge – Senior Physiotherapist and mum

Thank you Sally for the great experience of doing your Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What I loved about it, is that it’s so inclusive and creates a relaxed way of learning. It’s adaptable to the individual and there is no pressure to perform.

Everyone was really lovely and supportive and Sally is truly professional and friendly. She has a unique teaching style which make you want to learn more from her. And more importantly she has a great sense of humour.

A thoroughly enjoyable course and I cannot wait to apply it outside of the course.


Ayesha Nauth

Bikram Yoga Teacher and mother of two

I have recently completed my pregnancy yoga teacher training with Sally Parkes after completing my 200hr teacher training with her last summer. As Sally’s 200hr course was very good and provided me with a strong foundation, I decided that I wanted to do my pregnancy yoga teacher training with her also.

The pregnancy yoga course was very informative and structured and I gained so much more knowledge, not only about the pregnancy yoga and asanas and how to modify postures but also about the female body and how it changes during pregnancy and post-natally.

I have been fortunate enough to start teaching a pregnancy class every week and I have to say that all the knowledge I have learnt and gained from Sally has definitely made me focused and enabled me to teach pregnancy classes to the best of my ability.


Maritsa Papayiannis

Yoga Teacher and mum-to-be

I work as a midwife and although I had practised yoga I had no experience in teaching. I initially signed up as I was feeling very overwhelmed in my job working full time and wanted to further my career in a more holistic manner.

The experience and teaching with Sally was to a very high standard and I cannot express how much I enjoyed the experience. Sally is a very thoughtful and nurturing teacher who shares so much wisdom and my life has changed completely.

I found it so inspiring I recently completed my 200 hour teacher training and am in the process of starting my own pregnancy yoga classes in my local area.

The people on my course with me were from a very mixed group ranging from yoga teachers and personal trainers. I would highly recommend Sally’s course to anyone and am grateful for the experience I had.

My life is in more balance now, as I work a three day week as midwife and teach yoga on my days off. Thank you Sally!


Emma Rich

Midwife and Yoga Teacher

Thanks so much for such a brilliant weekend. It has been really inspiring and been lovely to spend time with such interesting women.


A. Smith

I loved the course. It was clearly explained, time allowed to share stories and experiences between all attendees of the course. I learned a lot.


Ivana Rejec Fenochietto

I just wanted to thank you so much for a great course. You’re a great teacher and I enjoyed it all so much.


M. Nightingale

You’re such an awesome teacher!

Pip Jackson


Sally is an outstanding yogini who makes things that are not easy to work through, so easy to understand. Thanks Sally, you are a great teacher.


Sally is a wonderful teacher, patient, experienced and so much knowledge to share with her students. We all have the utmost respect for her as she takes time with everyone. I can’t wait to get started!

S. Fryer

Was so lovely to meet you and I’m so glad I got to do the training with you, I just got so much from it and met such a lovely crowd of folk as well as having your amazing teaching. I don’t chuck this phrase about a lot (honest!) but you are inspirational!

Susie Smillie, yoga teacher and mother

I couldn’t recommend this course enough. It was really well structured, covered a lot of both the physical and also some of the emotional aspects that ladies may experience during and after pregnancy.

2017 PYTT student

Sally is a great teacher, she is fun and spontaneous and she kept the intensive course quite dynamic so it didn’t feel tiring or boring. The days were quite well structured, with a few practice yoga sessions during the day mixed with theory, group exercises and discussions.

2017 PYTT student

We received a very comprehensive manual with a lot of information and quite a few sequences that we could use in our own classes, or as inspiration to prepare our own sequences. You can tell that there was a lot of preparation for this manual to be completed and that Sally has put a lot of effort in preparing this teacher training.

Marcela de León, Doula, yoga teacher and mother