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Saturday 8th January 2022
9am – 10am with Sally Parkes

Making Space For The New Year

Flow into the New Year with Sally with this flowing journey of breath linked with yoga asana.

We will focus on dropping away heaviness in both mind & body by placing emphasis on making physical space via a selection of lying, seated & standing yoga postures which will help to lengthen the spine, open the hips and free up the neck & shoulder area.

Our sole aim will be to lighten the body and therefore the mind. This way we can see our present moment more clearly, giving us clarity to move forwards with confidence into the New Year. 

Beginners and advanced practitioners of yoga alike, are very welcome to this class.

What to expect:

  • An all-levels yoga class to help bring energy to the body and mind
  • A welcoming space to interact with teachers, the MFML team and fellow movers
  • Support, guidance and inspiration to help you move into the new year with confidence and positivity
  • The opportunity to ask burning questions and have your say on future events

Sally Parkes has over twenty years teaching experience and shares practices with warmth, inclusivity and humour. As a senior yoga teacher and Pilates instructor, Sally brings an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, whilst weaving together elements of the yoga tradition in order to empower students.

Why a community class?

It feels good to get together with others. Just look in any restaurant, or park on a sunny day and you will see the simple joy of people uniting and sharing time together. In many ways, in times gone by, we have taken for granted the importance of this in our personal lives; though for many, the strange COVID times and quarantines has been a stark reminder of the value and downright necessity, for our mental health and wellbeing , of simply being in the company of others.

But beyond this we often forget or perhaps never knew the value of community and getting together with others as part of or as support on our spiritual path: the path each of us are on of growing, evolving and maybe even one day awakening to the full potential of joy and bliss as our birthrights!

Regularly prioritising getting together with like minded others can have a profound effect on our growth and evolution, not least when we are going through tough times and feel compelled to throw out all our healthy, life enhancing practices. It need not be anything wildly grand or planned out, simply carved out time where there is the chance for communion; for authentically sharing and feeling held in the energy of the collective.

In many ancient spiritual traditions the value of community was not only honoured, but often placed at the centre of the important elements to hold onto and sustain to allow for the most precipitous pathway to peace and awakening.

So let’s come together, with open hearts and curious minds, to share in each other’s wisdom, and in our shared humanity. We all know what it is like to yearn for love, acceptance and ultimately peace and simply carving out time to be in community can soothe deep parts of us that are calling out to be part of the collective. This can fill up even the deepest sense of being alone on the path or feeling a disconnection between your so-called mundane life and your path of evolution. Creating space in our lives to be in community truly can lift us up and allow us to feel held, supported and nourished.

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Upcoming Online Retreat with MFML

Movement For Modern Life Online Retreat

Friday 14th – Sunday 16th January 2022

We are thrilled to announce Sally will be co-teaching the January 2022 MFML live online yoga retreat focusing on firing up 2022 with strength and gratitude!

The Trainer Pro award recognises that Sally Parkes Yoga courses overdeliver in the depth of knowledge and student support that is delivered, giving more value and individual input to our students.

Our intention is to ensure that every student that comes to us, leaves our courses confident, knowledgeable, and fully encouraged to be the best teacher they can be, and fully encouraged to realise their dreams.

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