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--blog-post-image-20180118172127Postnatal Yoga with Sally Parkes

The four hour workshop is designed for yoga teachers to gain extra knowledge on how to incorporate postnatal women safely and effectively in to general yoga asana classes

Sally will introduce you to what is safe and unsafe to teach your postnatal clients and how to integrate mothers into your general classes, as well as more specific techniques for postnatal mothers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How does being postnatal change the abdominal area, pelvic floor and pelvis
  • Yoga for the Postnatal Woman – Practical Session
  • To recognise the physiques that might be How to incorporate a postnatal woman in to a general yoga class.

Company – Yoga Works
Address – 5 East Hill, London SW18 2HT, UK

Start Time
16/06/2018 1:00 pm

End Time
16/06/2018 5:00 pm

£78.27 / £62.75 (Early Bird – 20 spaces only)

cpd2The Science of Stretching CPD

Develop your understanding of different stretching principles used within Rehabilitation, Therapy & Yoga Practice.

This CPD course and workshop will help to develop understanding of what happens to the muscular system when stretching applications are applied and how different forms of stretching principles are used to increase flexibility within rehabilitation, training and yoga practise.

Stretching reflexes will be discussed and explained in relation to rehabilitation, group and individual settings, along with Yoga practice.

cpd5This CPD course and workshop is suitable for:
Yoga Teachers, Pilates Teachers, Personal Trainers, and Yoga and Pilates practitioners who would like to further develop their practice.

Course Tutors:
Dawn Morse BSc, PGCE, MSc, SYT and Sally Parkes BSc, SYT

Dawn Morse has a Masters Degree in Sports and Health Sciences, is a qualified Teacher, Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist and Senior Yoga Teacher. Dawn has been working within the field of Sports Massage Therapy and Sports and Health Science for over fifteen years and has over eight years of experience as a Sports Science and Therapy Lecturer and Programme Leader for the University of Bath Sports Therapy Foundation Degree. Dawn is now an associate lecturer for the Open University and is a Senior Yoga Teacher for Yoga Alliance professionals.

Sally Parkes is a senior International Yoga Teacher and Yoga teacher trainer. Sally has been running Laxmi Yoga Teacher Training and Pregnancy Yoga Training internationally for many years now. Sally is regularly published within Om Yoga Magazine and is the Author of the Students Manual of Yoga Anatomy.

cpd4During the course:

The day will start with a short vinyasa yoga class delivered by Sally to waken the body and mind after morning travel to the venue.

You will then be introduced to advanced stretching principles such as:

  • Developmental Stretching and PNF stretching for physical activity and yoga practise.
  • Physiology of stretching and the techniques will be discussed; along with application within rehabilitation, yoga and pilates and the benefits of use within a one to one setting, group classes and personal practice.
  • Working within small groups you will design balanced sequences which incorporates the advanced stretching principles.

At the end of the day you will take part in a full group class which draws advanced stretching techniques together within a yoga format.
The day will conclude with time for Q & A.

cpd7Anatomy for Yoga CPD

Further Develop Your understanding of Anatomy and Physiology For Yoga Practice and Teaching

Anatomy of Yoga CPD days are designed to extend and develop anatomical and practical knowledge for both Yoga Teachers and those who would like to extend their own yoga practise by exploring how the body works.

Pilates Teachers, Personal Trainers, Fitness and Health professionals may also find these days useful for personal and professional development.
Both days will be practical and theory based and will focus on human movement through exploration and application of knowledge.

cpd5Day 1:

  • Introduction to anatomical terms and planes of movement.
  • Analysis of movement terms and planes in relation to yoga postures and movement.
  • Introduction to the physiology of stretching including stretch reflexes and antagonist and agonist movement.
  • Analysis of movement and stretching application will include:
    • standing and seated forward bend,
    • hip openers and
    • spinal twists.

Each day will start with a yoga class taught by Sally to waken the body and mind.

Sally will then conclude the day with and yoga class which will talk through anatomy application to help embed theoretical knowledge covered throughout the day.

cpd5Day 2:

  • Anatomical terms, skeletal muscle action and Reciprocal Inhibition will be reviewed in order to cover any questions from day 1.
  • Skeletal and muscular anatomy of the Thoracic Spine and shoulder Complex will be reviewed and applied to yoga postures.
  • Practical application and examination of yoga postures, including joint action, planes of movement and muscle action will include:
  • shoulder openers,
  • spinal twists and
  • basic back bends.

Sally will start the day with a yoga class to waken the body and mind and the day with conclude with a yoga based class which will talk through anatomy application to help embed theoretical knowledge.